Advent: Reflections for Women

This Christmas season, my prayer is to grow in intimacy with Jesus and press toward what He called me to do. I am called to know and be known by God and share what God teaches me, especially with women.

Women are not benchwarmers in God’s kingdom. The Savior of the world loved women while he was on earth. He laced His entire redemptive history, from Genesis to Revelation, with faithful women. Joseph and Mary’s baby came to reconcileĀ all people. The gospel is good news for menĀ and women.

This Advent season I will write daily reflections about women in the Christmas story. My aim is not to glorify women through these reflections. My aim is to help women see how Christmas is good news for them. Through our intimacy with Jesus, we can glorify God with our lives.

Ladies, I hope you will join me on this journey toward Bethlehem. I pray we will love Jesus more by December 25th.