December 3: No More Shame

“And the man and his wife were both naked and were not ashamed.” – Genesis 2:25

Why were Adam and Eve naked and unashamed? They knew each other fully, God knew them completely, and because there was no sin, there was no shame. When sin entered the world, the first couple covered themselves with leaves and hid from God. Because there was sin, there was shame.

Every day since sin flooded our world, we’ve covered ourselves. We still wear clothing, which signals that we still have our outward shame. Shame affects our relationships. We hide from one another when our inward shame is exposed.

Mary was no stranger to shame since she was pregnant before marriage. Joseph planned to end their courtship (Matthew 1). But God intervened and took away the shame Mary would endure (Matthew 1:20-21).

Not only that, but God took what is shameful to the world (pregnancy before marriage) and used it to bring forth the one who would bear all our shame on His shoulders.

This is God’s marvelous and paradoxical plan. He takes the shameful things – the barren, the prostitutes, the widowed – and makes them achieve His salvation plan.

Childless, barren, hurting, lonely women –  God offers you a relationship where you can stand before Him fully exposed and experience no shame.

Any shame you have dies with the Son of God born to a woman!